Jun 052014

Batman75_logo_1COLOR_blk_580_53337eb4cb4440.11378405Saturday July 26th 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm Graubner
Holy 75th Anniversary, Batman!
DC Entertainment declares July 26th Batman Day. Come join the nationwide celebration gift bags, cartoons, prizes and snacks.

lib_92Saturday August 2nd 12:30 pm Graubner
Watching movies and playing video games can be fun and informative, but have you ever wondered, “How do they do that?!?”

Come hang out with professional 3-D artist Jeremy Sabo in a 3 hour presentation that includes lots of cool visuals, voices and toys.

Jeremy will cover such topics as…
* What an ordinary day is like for a 3D artist.
* What it takes to create characters.
* How hard it is to be a 3D artist.
* How does 3D animation look so real.

Jeremy will answer all this and more so if you have questions be ready to ask!

Jeremy has worked on such movies as Happily N’Ever After, 9, Dead Rising 2, Viva Pinata, Jibber Jabber and many other animated projects… including a few monster movies that were on SyFy network.

SRP2014Monday June 16th to Saturday August 9th
Come into either the Graubner Library or Kezar Library to sign up to participate in one of the Library’s Summer Reading Programs.  Each program has prizes and programs.  All you need to participate in the Summer Reading Program is a valid Romeo District Library card.  The Teen program is for students entering into 6th to 12th grade.

15008_470x300-cb1268252274Saturday August 9th 1:00 pm Graubner
Have you ever wanted to learn how lava lamps work? How about making your very own lava lamp? Come on in for an afternoon designed around all things lava. This program is for ages 10 to 16. Registration is encouraged as supplies are limited. The library will provide all supplies needed for creating the craft.



yellowmoon-glass-painting-outline-pensSaturday August 9th 2:00 pm Graubner
Teens ages 12 to 16 are invited to try their hand at glass painting. Just pick out your favorite image and start tracing. No experience necessary. Supplies will be provided FREE of cost. Registration is encouraged as supplies are limited.