Magical History Tour Book Group

The Magical History Tour Book discussion group meets monthly, generally but not always on the last Monday evening at 7:00, to discuss a wide variety of highly praised historical novels – their plots, characters, the skill with which they’re written, and the issues they raise. Our guiding premise seems to be that a book worth reading is a book worth sharing and mulling over with other congenial minds. Sometimes someone will bring food from the period under discussion. We are currently nearing the end of our second year, but newcomers are warmly
welcomed, and we almost always have a good time.

Past Selections
Cornwell, Bernard-The Last Kingdom
Davis,Lindsey-A Body In The Bathhouse
Delaney, Frank-Ireland
Dunant,Sarah-In The Company of the Courtesan
Edwards,Selden-The Little Book
Franklin, Arian-Mistress of the Art of Death
Frazier, Charles-Cold Mountain
Gear,Michael-People of the Weeping Eye
George,Margaret-Helen of Troy
Harrison, Sue-Song of the River
Holland, Cecelia-Jerusalem
Lawhead, Steven-Hood
King, Laurie-O Jerusalem
Maine, David-The Preservationist
Newmark, Elle-The Book of Unholy Mischief
O’Brian, Patrick-Master and Commander
Perez-Riverte, Arturo-Captain Alatriste
Roberts, Kenneth-Rabble In Arms
Saylor, Stephen-The Judgement of Caesar
Stewart, Mary-The Crystal Cave
Taylor, Patrick-An Irish Country Christmas