Battle Rules and Procedures

Procedures and RulesĀ 


How is the Battle played?

Each team will be responsible for 10 titles. Each member can read all 10 books or each member can be responsible for certain books; whatever works for your team and makes your team a winner! Teams will decide how to hold team meetings to discuss the books and work on practice questions. Remember you can always meet at the Library!

This year the library will create a Kahoot for the actual Battle which will consist of 100 multiple choice questions that teams will answer on an electronic device.

There will be 4 rounds consisting of 25 questions each. There will be a 15 minute break between the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

Lunch will be provided.


Are any notes, books, electronic devices or any other aid allowed at the completion tables?

The teams will not be allowed anything are their team tables. Pencils and answer sheets will be given to the teams.

Contest Questions and Answers


Does spelling count?

You should attempt to spell the answers correctly; however minor spelling errors will be forgiven as long as the intent of the answer is clear to the score keepers.