History & Geography

American History

American Civil War Homepage -A wide variety of resources on the American Civil War

Black History –¬†Encyclopedia Britannica’s site¬†for anyone studying African-American events and issues.

Oregon Trail-Lots of info brought to you by the creators of the award-winning documentary film which aired on PBS.

This Day In History-Enter a date to find out what happened on that day in history (from the History Channel)


Ancient Civilizations and Mythology

History for Kids-(British site) includes some information about Ancient Civilizations

Mythology Guide-Collection of Greek and Roman Myths


World History

Conquistadors-Interactive activities and engaging information to learn about the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors in the New World and the legacy of their contact with Native Americans

History for Kids-(British site) History from the Ancients to recent events told from a British viewpoint

The Middle Ages-Lots of information on life in the Medieval Europe



National Atlas-View and print maps on hundreds of topics such as weather, geology, population and many more covering the whole of the U.S. or just your area of interest

National Geographic Kids Page-games, stories and activities from National Geographic Kids