General Reference Sites

Class Brain -Games, homework, and projects for kids from preschool to teens -Includes online encyclopedias, dictionaries, and articles from newspapers and magazines

Factmonster -Online almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia, and homework help

KidsGov -The official kid’s portal for the U.S. government

Homework Spot -Links to lots of general homework sites

Kids and Families -American History, places in the news, science facts and much more – log on, play around, learn something -frome the Library of Congress

Kids Know It Network -Educational and fun – topics include science, math, history, geography and more

KidsKonnect -A safe internet gateway for kids with homework help, games, parent information and more

MeL Kids -Pathfinders, databases and more from the Michigan eLibrary

U.S. Census Bureau -The most current World and U.S. population numbers, updated several times an hour

The White House -Information on the White House

Worldbook’s Kids – for elementary students

Worldbook’s Early World of Learning – for the younger child