Don’t know what to read next? Check out these website, apps, and YouTubers for inspiration!

Here you can search for books by author, genre, and award lists. There is also an app you can download: Book Finder

On YABooksCentral teens can review books and find a new favorite: YABooksCentral

Teen Reads has an ultimate reading list, blog, and reviews by teens: Teen Reads

YouTuber Christine Riccio of “PolandbananasBOOKS” loves books and comedy. Her videos are entertaining and will get you motivated to read: polandbananasBOOKS

Tiernan Bertrand-Essington is another YouTuber (TheBookTuber). He has even interviewed Rick Riordan! TheBookTuber

Check out the Peruse Project where YouTuber Regan discusses books and gives suggestions on what to read next: Peruse Project

Epic Reads is your resource for the latest teen books. Teens can even win prizes in their giveaways! Epic Reads